genetic garden peas
Genetic Garden

What does it mean?

Genetic Garden will provide clients with exercise and nutrition recommendations based on genetic data and lifestyle factors while educating the client on their predispositions and any environmental factors that may influence them. Together, epigenetic information will be interpreted to create an effective plan with health and fitness practices that traditional genetics alone cannot reveal. 

As a farmer’s daughter, the best way for me to provide a depiction of the concept of epigenetics is through a garden metaphor:

genetic garden pic 1
genetic garden pic 2

Seed            Germination              Plant                   Garden

Sun and water -

*These environmental factors influence whether the seed is germinated, how tall the plant grows, and whether or not the garden is complete.

genetic garden pic 3
genetic garden pic 4

Gene           Expressed               Protein             Human Body

Nutrition, Exercise and the Environment -

*Just like the sun and water for the garden, exercise habits, nutritional intake, and other environmental factors can influence your genetic expression and therefore have an impact on your physiology!

genetic garden spices

Many people wonder: “Can my genetics override the healthy practices that I implement within my life?”  In other words, are my cards that I am dealt at birth my hand for life?  The answer can be NO! 


This is where genetic knowledge can be used to determine predispositions such as: vitamin deficiencies, high cholesterol, or low fat metabolism.  In knowing your genetic information you can bolster your lifestyle practices to overcome many unwelcome propensities. 


To further complicate the story, environmental influences like: what you consume, what you are exposed to, or how old you are, factor in to your DNA expression and therefore your physiological capabilities. 


Welcome to the arena of “epigenetics”, where the environment has the ability to influence your DNA.  This idea should be approached with fascination and not fear.  Epigenetics can create powerful provocations within our bodies, but when understood and addressed, can be entirely reversed.

How does it affect me?