So my dermatitis finally calmed down after using the tea tree oil and coconut mixture you told me about!  I wish I would've taken before and after pics because it was getting SO bad!  Also, I cleaned up my eating and finally ordered the probiotics so that's helping too!  Glad I went with "Emily instinct" and said no to antibiotics!"

Dermatitis is GONE

Glad I went with Emily's instincts

I am so grateful that I found Emily and Genetic Garden!  I am 60 years old, retired and live out of the country in Baja, Mexico.  

Over the past few years, I have been treated for several conditions, including, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, SIBO, high Homocysteine, sleep and infection problems..etc.  (That’s allot for a seemingly healthy person)


Sadly most of these conditions still exist, even though I exercise daily, pretty well, and take some supplements. 


I was introduced to Emily when I attended an online Zoom workshop at ESO. Although I am in a different country, Emily has made herself available via, email, phone and Zoom.  I feel like I am close by in California!  She has provided me with underlying reasons that may be preventing me from making positive changes in most of these conditions. As a first step, she has provided me with some small changes to my diet, exercise (including progressive personalized workout videos) and relaxation routines. I have already experienced improvements in both sleep as well as stomach and infection issues!. She has also, provided other tools and reference materials to aid in my understanding of some of my conditions.  


In addition, since I live off the grid ( no mail, a frozen food section as big as your home refrigerator at the grocery store an hour away etc) she has researched specifically for me, potential products etc, to meet some of the dietary needs as well as supplementation not readily available.  (I know, this is too much, right?) 


We are in the early stages of our journey.   I will be getting test results back sometime next month.  I look forward to this next phase and continuing down this beautiful path.  I’ll keep you posted.

From Baja

Continuing down this beautiful path

Emily looked at my diet and genes and saw that I had less ability to get rid of the cholesterol in my body naturally.  She tweaked my diet just a little bit, in a way that is so easy to adhere to, and I've seen my cholesterol drop to its lowest point yet!"

Best Cholesterol Ever

RE San Diego

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Brown for almost a year now.  Several benefits stand out:


1) Finding food sources for all the nutrients my body needs.  No more guessing about supplements.  No more throwing money down the drain on vitamins my body doesn't need.

2) Feeling my digestive system heal and thrive on recommended foods.

3) Being secure in Emily's deep, current knowledge in her field.  She sorts through the "hype" and is clear on proven studies.

4) Feeling my sinus' clear and stay clear with the removal of wheat from my diet, a suggestion from Emily.  The previous year, I was on medication 4 times for sinus infection!  No more!

My blood pressure is an all time low, I have lost 4 lbs., my body feels balanced and all with a few additions or exclusions to my diet.

I highly recommend Ms. Brown's nutritional services!

Happy and Healthy in SoCal

Heather O.

I want to thank Emily so much for guiding me though my stomach issues.  I don't think she realizes how much comfort and hope she's given me by providing so much information and tips on feelings better.  There is a vast amount of information out there.  And sometimes scary info!!  She's been so sweet in all the time she's put into helping me.  She's the best!!

Chronic Stomach Issues

Emily gave me simple changes to my eating patters- I was a grazer!  I was looking to simplify my meals, but what I got was more control over my hunger and I lost 5 pounds within the first several weeks!  It's been so easy that it became second nature seamlessly!

Side Effect- Weight loss!

I've been struggling with my skin for YEARS getting various medication from doctors but nothing was making a substantial or long-term difference. I was also feeling constantly bloated even though I was working out 5x a week and eating healthy (or at least I thought I was...). Working with Emily she was able to recommend some easy changes in my eating habits and adding a couple of vitamins into my diet and poof! my skin completely cleared up in a week! I feel so much more energized during the day and back to my normal self. If you are feeling like you are in a rut I would definitely recommend working with Emily to get you back on track without having to do some crazy fad diet. She makes customized plans for you and your lifestyle and I couldn't be happier with my results in such a short amount of time!

Clear skin, finally!

A.D. Los Angeles

My back was chronically hurting and my doctor told me that I had an "old body" and that the pain and stiffness was something I'd have to deal with for the rest of my life!! Along with the daily doses of anti-inflammatories. After one conversation with Emily she made me so hopeful that my life wouldn't be painful forever, it was such a relief.  Her recommendations have kept me flexible, pain free, and able to play with my toddler! 

Genetic Garden also helped me rid of my acne!  I had no idea that with a few changes in my diet and a CBD regimen that my skin would clear up.  I'm so happy with my results thanks to Emily!

I am pregnant and it is very important to me to take the best prenatal vitamins and eat the right foods to keep my baby healthy.  Genetic Garden has tailored a vitamin routine just for me and I feel confident that I'm giving my baby the best!

Pregnant! Without chronic pain!

I love the information you share on your Instagram so much.  It's different than what I see on any other account and so so relevant.  I believe in your mission and know there is a huge market for it.  You're informing me of things I never knew and I personally and actively seek information and knowledge on the topics- That's amazing in my eyes!!

Amy, Thanks for sharing

I had been feeling fatigued and sore during regular, day-to-day activities for over a year, and I asked Emily for her recommendations and thoughts on certain supplements. I had gone to my PCP multiple times to address this issue, and she dismissed it stating that all of my lab values were within normal ranges. Emily explained to me that Functional and Integrative Medicine practitioners use ‘optimal’ ranges rather than ‘normal’ ranges, as normal ranges are based on averages for the general population – which is unfortunately not at optimal health. Optimal ranges are more indicative of where lab values should be when physiology is functioning properly. Emily performed an analysis of my lab values and as expected, many of my lab values were not in the optimal ranges. She explained which processes and symptoms each lab value was correlated with. From there, Emily recommended food groups and specific foods I could increase in my diet to obtain more of the necessary vitamins, as well as vitamins and a supplement from a reputable source I could take to cover any gaps in my diet. Emily has extensive knowledge of how the body works at the cellular level, and has the ability to explain the science behind her interventions. I would definitely recommend her services!


Alaina, BS Nutrition / MS Student & Dietetic Intern

I just started with Emily and, so far, I have incorporated some minor tweaks into my day-to-day from which I have already seem improvements in my skin and energy!  Definitely feeling better!!


Energy levels on the rise

I grew up with a mom plagued with debilitating varicose veins and thought when I developed mine it was simply part of my genetics. After taking an in depth genetic test subsequently read and explained by Emily Brown found that yes, I do have a genetic propensity for varicose veins, in addition I also have a diminished ability to absorb animal vitamin A, vital to vein strength. What I learned from the findings was had I been aware of these abnormalities earlier in my life I could have altered my diet by adding more animal vitamin A thus developing healthier veins. For the last 55+ years I have been an athlete and physically active keeping both my weight and muscle tone in check, however recently turning 60 have been struggling with a slight post-menopausal mid-section weight gain and what appears to be a substantial reduction in my muscle tone and strength. My genetic report stated I was meant for endurance (which explains why I excelled in distance running and crew in my youth) however with a noticeable muscle decline Emily recommended more resistance, strength and power training to help slow physiological signs of muscle aging. Moreover, my cholesterol has always been relatively high but again reaching post-menopausal age my numbers are higher than ever. Emily found that I am genetically predisposed to high cholesterol and while I don’t like taking statins, up to now they seemed to have been the only solution to lower my 252 number. Along with Emily we decided to introduce a Mediterranean diet in the hopes of lowering my cholesterol naturally and even shedding those mid-section pounds. I will keep you posted!!! These are only a few examples of helpful information I gleaned from taking the genetic test and listening to Emily’s simple breakdown of information I could not in a million years decipher myself. Emily has given me detailed yet simple guidelines to follow concerning both my diet and exercise routine. She listened carefully to my food and exercise likes/dislikes and tailored a program specifically for me. Emily knows how to address even the most sensitive issues gently and with care and I never felt she was giving me more than I could handle….however, I’m sure she has more in store for me down the road as we continue our weekly chats!!!

Robin, Wish I knew earlier!

Emily created an exercise program to help me train for snowboarding this past season and I never felt more confident and strong on the mountain!  The exercises were specific to the movements like getting up and down from buckling my boots, using my arms to catch my falls, a strong core to help my turns, and strength in my legs to help me last all day.    

Snowboarding strong

​When I came to Emily with my main concern being weight loss she helped me to see that the reason I wasn't able to lose weight was because my stress and sleep were so irregular.  Her report for me gave me a prioritized list of what to work on: sleep, stress, diet, exercise.  Instead of being overwhelmed with all of my needed improvements, Emily's coaching has helped me to work step by step at one thing at a time.  Now I am sleeping much better!  I still wake with anxious thoughts but I can help redirect them and fall back asleep.  I realized just how stressed I was and how that was interfering with almost all of my health efforts.  Stress management and sleep have made such a difference!

Less stress, More sleep!

​My cholesterol has never been lower!  The aches and pain from my statin medication led me to seek alternative support.  Emily looked at my diet and genes and saw that I had less ability to get rid of the cholesterol in my body naturally.  She tweaked my diet just a little bit, in a way that is so easy to adhere to, and I've seen my cholesterol drop to its lowest point yet!  I am so happy to be able to decrease my medication because, if you are on a statin then you know, it can give you muscle aches and pains.  Mine were so bad that I would be sporadically bed-ridden.

Almost off medicine

​I've always wondered why.. Why is there so much talk about fiber?  What is fiber!?  Why do these changes occur in my body as I age?  Why do I hold fat in places that I didn't used to?  Why is it harder to lose weight once you've gained it?  Why can't I find answers?

When I found Genetic Garden I was able to ask ALL of my questions!  Not only did I get answers that I could understand, but I also got answers that led me to take actions.  Now that I understand the WHY's I can justify the WHAT TO DO's.  Talking to Emily was simple.  She creates analogies that paint clear and clever pictures to help answer all of your questions. 

Knowledge is a relief

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I want to join! How do I begin?

Here's a step-by-step:

1. From www.genetic-garden.com/shop:

          A. "Services"- choose and purchase the option that appeals to you.


2. Then we will schedule an interview (phone, skype, in-person) for follow-up questions.

*Free consultations are a great way to start so that I can get to know you, your goal, and we can figure out how I can best help you achieve that goal.

What sets Genetic Garden above the others?

You have your genetic results but they don't tell the whole story!  Your environment, age, sex, health status all contribute to how your genes affect your physiology.  Our approach incorporates all of those factors into your analysis and personalized plan.  We also make sure that your results are tailored to your goals and your preferences (diet, exercises, eating behaviors). 


Current companies prescribe recommendations based only on your genes.  As you now know, that doesn't take enough information into account.  At Genetic Garden we paint the most comprehensive picture of you before any recommendations are given!


Lastly, your experience will be collaborative, you will receive continual support and plans that change with your changing life!

Does Genetic Garden do DNA testing?

Genetic Garden provides the DNA kit, however, the testing is done at outside facility.

What is the benefit of a membership?

Becoming a member of Genetic Garden will provide the most beneficial results because as time passes your needs and preferences change... and so will your tailored recommendations!  Every member receives custom plans based on their desires and goals.  An example would be: have 3 monthly videoconferencing chats, access to private messaging, and receive weekly recipes and exercises specialized for your program.  I will become your personal advocate and coach along your path to ultimate wellness!

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