I want to join!  How do I begin?

Find the tab "Work With Me" then select "What I Offer" where you'll see my membership options: Thrive + Align. There's a handy graph below to describe their differences but I love to start with a free "Discovery Call" so we can decide together.


What makes Genetic Garden unique?

You have your genetic results but they don't tell the whole story! Your environment, age, sex, health status all contribute to how your genes affect your physiology. Our approach incorporates all of those factors into your analysis and personalized plan. We also make sure that your results are tailored to your goals and your preferences (diet, exercises, eating behaviors). Current companies prescribe recommendations based only on your genes. As you now know, that doesn't take enough information into account. At Genetic Garden we paint the most comprehensive picture of you before any recommendations are given! Lastly, your experience will be collaborative, you will receive continual support and plans that change with your changing life!


Does Genetic Garden do its own testing?

Genetic Garden provides the DNA kit, however, the testing is done at outside facility. Genetic Garden provides funcitonal health test kits (cheek and saliva) which are also processed at an outside facility.


What is the benefit of a membership?

Becoming a member of Genetic Garden will provide the most beneficial results because as time passes your needs and preferences change... and so will your tailored recommendations! Every member receives custom plans based on their desires and goals. An example would be: have 3 monthly videoconferencing chats, access to private messaging, and receive weekly recipes and exercises specialized for your program. I will become your personal advocate and coach along your path to ultimate wellness!