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Grace B.

"I've worked with Emily the past 6 months, she has truly helped me heal from the inside out.  She was able to tackle the root cause of my problems, something I had gone to doctors and healers over the years who couldn't figure it out. The mold was the root cause of my hormone issues: ridiculous periods and painful PMS.  She was the most incredible guide and healer who met me where I was and provided the highest level of support the entire journey- something I can't say about anyone thus far.  She truly takes care of her clients and that made all the difference.  Her plans are streamlined and fit into my lifestyle, along with how I wanted to plan for my future.  She made simple small adjustments to my life without overloading me with products or things to purchase.  She has been integral in me having a family in the future!"

Image by Edward Cisneros

Jen R.

“I started working with Emily after I had twins, I wanted to regulate my hormones and loose the extra baby weight. I love how her process takes the guesswork out and really gets to the root of the problem. She really helped me regulate my hormones and loose the weight, I will incorporate her simple tips and tricks into my daily life from now on. I feel it’s so important to take charge of your health in this way and would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Brooke A.

"I have always been a dieter, you name it, I've tried it.  I've struggled with restrictive eating in the past because of that.  I now have to children, the youngest is almost a year old so I've ben working in the postpartum area of healing.  Emily has helped me create, for the first time, a lifestyle approach towards health, that I actually LOVE.  She was able to make a personal plan because we found out my hormones like my thyroid was sluggish.  I was overexercising and still gaining weight.  She found the root of my inflammation and stress, which was halting any progress and confidence.  She is worth every piece of information, every penny, and every bit of time you can spend with her."

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