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    After meeting with Genetic Garden’s Emily Brown, an integrative and functional nutrition practitioner slash epigenetics expert slash Pilates pro, I felt like I had so much more clarity about my body’s actual needs. Emily looks at the whole picture—food sensitivities, energy levels, sleep habits, DNA—and does so in a way that’s easy and approachable. She sends you tests to do at home, recommends further analysis based on the results (adrenals, hormones), and comes up with a holistic, personalized game plan that you can implement right away.

  • A Functional Nutritionist's Take on Digestion & How it Impacts Your Overall Health

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    You are what you eat, right? Wrong! You are what you digest?


    Wrong again!

    You are what you absorb.


    Absorption is when nutrients go from within the pipe-like lumen of the gastrointestinal tract into your body. Only when that step of metabolism is functioning properly do you reap the benefits of a healthy meal and lifestyle.

    Everybody is different, of course. Personalization of diets can be very impactful to ensure the specific needs are met. Tailored advice can be based on genetics, current health status, and other lifestyle factors like immune and detox status as well as sleep and stress.

  • An Interview With an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Emily Brown

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    "How did you find yourself on this journey? How did you get into this work? What inspired you?" 


    My skin issues made me dive into the gut-skin relationship. I had peri-oral dermatitis, which is a growing concern among females partly due to the toxicity in beauty products. When all doctors and allergists said it was due to something I was putting on my skin, I cleaned my home, skin, beauty regimen- to no avail. I dug deeper to discover the inflammation within my gut was manifesting on the surface. Your skin and gut have the same cells, so when the gut is irritated and inflamed, it can reflect on your skin! Think of your skin as a reflection of your gut health. After healing my gut, I was able to improve my skin symptoms from the inside out. A great representation of how integrative and functional nutrition works- find the root cause!!

  • "Exploring the Link Between Diet, Nutrition, and Genetics" 

    on Genetic Jackpot

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    How important are your genes when it comes to fitting in your jeans? In this week’s episode of Genetic Jackpot, we explore how genes can impact obesity and the food you like. We speak to Emily Brown of Genetic Garden about how your genes, diet and overall health can be connected. We also have a discussion about the obesity gene and while it may exist, it doesn’t serve as a permanent road map to your life and Nick shares his story of his 320-pound weight loss journey.

  • "DNA + Nutrition" 

    on A Space for Sol

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    Emily provides clients with exercise and nutrition recommendations based on genetic data and lifestyle factors while educating her client on their predispositions and any environmental factors that may influence them. Together, epigenetic information will be interpreted to create an effective plan with health and fitness practices that traditional genetics alone cannot reveal. 

    Tune-in to hear our test results, how Emily is like a wellness matchmaker and why trying her DNA nutrition program is right up our (and we think your) alley.



    The unique work Genetic Garden does 

    How Emily’s program is different from 23 and Me

    Hormonal Cravings: lots of Oreos! 

    The difference between allergies and sensitivities 

    What Brooke + Heather found out from testing 

  • "411 on Hormones and Nutrition" on A Space for Sol

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    We know how much everyone loved Episode #13 when Emily, the founder of Genetic Garden, joined us for the first time so we brought her back! During that episode we barely scratched the surface of a SUPER interesting topic to us - hormones. 


    Today’s episode dives in deep to hormones, PMS and how to manage these surges of emotions … we even chat about male PMS (we are certain it’s a thing). Bottom line nutrition has a lot to do with your hormonal waves so this podcast is a must listen! 


    Tune in and don’t forget to check out Emily’s blog on hormones that goes with our podcast content today.

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