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Meet Cait, She Feels Fantastic!

My amazing client Cait wrote a testimonial of her experience with me, read below:

Meet Emily Brown, of Genetic Garden

I am delighted to introduce you to not only one of my best friends, but also an absolute master of her craft. Meet Emily Brown, Founder of Genetic Garden. Emily and I met a few years ago at a magical wedding in Mexico and became fast friends when we both had recently moved to Newport Beach. We have so much in common and love to find sweet balance in life with travel, food and play. I mentioned to Emily that I had been struggling with losing 10 pounds that came on about 2 years ago when I was travelling too much and not getting the time that I needed to keep myself healthy—even though I was working in “wellness” travel. Since then I have been working out 5-6 days a week and burning over 750 calories a day in exercise. As a health coach I have always eaten healthy and been mindful about what I put in my body but the scale would still not budge. This was beyond frustrating because I was working so hard to get back to my comfort level. I tried everything from intermittent fasting, paleo, to fully removing sugar and carbs. I was also experiencing major PMS and each month; I literally felt like I wasn’t even in my body and my mood swings and weight gain were unbearable. As we spend a lot of time together, Emily told me that I probably had some kind of hormonal imbalance so I decided it was time to work with an expert and get to the bottom of these issues. 

My Functional Test Results

They consisted of energetic System Performance, Energetic Sensitivities & Energetic Nutritional Imbalance, Resonating toxins and energetic hormonal imbalances. The results showed me that I had a parasite and that some of my hormones were out of whack. Emily then recommended me specific homeopathic supplements to bring my body back to balance combined with a month long detox. The detox was to avoid foods that I showed a sensitivity to as well as avoiding processed foods, alcohol and sugars, but still included LOTS of yummy and delicious food choices. She also shared with me what my plate should look like at each meal in terms of protein, greens, fibre and fats.

How I Started Feeling Better

Away I went to stock my fridge with delicious foods! The first week was probably the toughest while I was detoxing and I had a couple headaches but nothing crazy. By week two I was feeling energized and light. By week 5 I felt a MASSIVE shift. I got my period and had zero symptoms of PMS! I started to lose a few pounds and all of my clothes started to fit me again. I have stayed on the supplements for the last 3 months and am feeling better and better and I absolutely could not have done it without Emily! 

I was so thrilled by my recovery and the incredible resource and friend that Emily has been that I just had to share this with all of you!!

Know that this is NOT a paid post and this is my real and authentic feedback on working with Emily and the results are accurate and my own words!

She is offering an amazing deal for $75 off full scan/functional tests with purchase of 4 or 6 month membership with my code: WildWELL Go to: Genetic Garden for more details. Note: last call as her prices go up next month!

Schedule your FREE CONSULT to figure out your baseline and what you can do to start feeling better!

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