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Post-trip Reset

When fish & chips, whisky, and wedding cake have you feeling the need to hit reset! I know this lassie brought home some Scottish shortbread in more ways than one ;)

Rule #1

Depend on nourishment not deprivation.

A common misconception towards a "reset" is that you should starve the body in order to eliminate your indulgent past and make room for your new normal. The body has built-in mechanisms for detoxification that depend on nutrients like protein, water, fiber, and phytonutrients (read: rainbow foods, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauli). For that reason, if deprivation is your tactic, it will slow the body's innate ability to remove toxins and recalibrate. So, give your body the ammunition it needs to jump-start that restoration!

Broad-stroke nutrition tips are to include lots of fluids, gastrointestinal support (let's literally keep things movin' with fermented foods and fiber), low blood-sugar-spiking foods (minimal processed carbs) and herbs & spices for antioxidant assistance.

Aids to realign circadian rhythms for sleep include: movement to fatigue muscles (and the mind) along with sunshine and minimal caffeine. Below I'll outline my nutrition, exercise, and other daily habits I utilize to make my Monday morning just like any other.

Here's my daily approach to get back on track:

Breakfast: Green smoothie

  • Frozen spinach and cauliflower

  • Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Meal

  • Vital Nutrients Marine Collagen

  • Nuttzo

  • Lemon

  • Ginger

  • Matcha

  • Top: chia, hemp, bee pollen

Genetic Garden Green Smoothie

Lunch: Bone broth and eggs

Fermented ingredients in meal from the Fermentation Farm:

  • Mustard

  • Spicy relish

  • Chimichuri

  • Beef bone broth with all the fixins'

eggs with fermented mustard, relish, tomato, avocado

Bone broth genetic garden
Bone broth with onion, ginger, garlic, jalepeno, carrot, celery, ghee, sprouted grains

Dinner: Spicy broccoli & asparagus soup

This is the simplest recipe and easy to add/subtract ingredients to your liking. Saute onion, then garlic and mustard seeds, add everything else in a loose chop. Bring to boil, reduce to simmer for 15. Blend it up, sip it down.

Top with herbs, avocado, red pepper flakes

Throughout the day I sip on some of my favorite teas. I make big batches in the morning.

Rule #2

Every meal is a chance to make a good decision.

So you had a great trip. Maybe a little too much fun? Think about the memories, the tastes, the new experiences that you'll have learned and grown from or simply enjoyed. Get out of the guilt!

One of my favorite tips while traveling is to stay up on your multivitamin, probiotic, and maybe apple cider vinegar pills. If a meal coming up is particularly fried or fatty enjoy the aperitifs that are typically served beforehand like marinated olives or pickled veggies on a charcuterie. Those help to promote stomach acid production to prepare for digestion ahead. Keep snacks on hand like Nuttzo packets, don't be afraid to try new foods, and have your immune support* every day. CBD or adaptogens like those found in the teas above or coffee are great to regulate stress hormones during your trip. Practice TRF- that is to eat within an 8-10 hour window during the day to keep metabolism on track, and always keep movin', especially after each meal! If you can't get exercise in, don't fret, walking cities is a great way to see the sights and as mentioned above will fatigue your muscles- an integral part of a restful night, not to mention keep caloric expenditure up and weight down.

My morning routine isn't much different post trip from my usual day-to-day:

  1. Brush my teeth (oral plaque is found in heart arteries, don't drink water first!)

  2. Drink huge glass of water

  3. Mental preparation (mindfulness, gratitude, manifestation)

  4. Walk the dogs & exercise in the park (run from bench to bench- do pushups, triceps dips, and single-leg lunges at each bench)

  5. Breakfast and the rest (my eating window is usually between 8-9 hours)

Have more questions about staying healthy while traveling, at home, or the transition between? Come join Genetic Garden to find out your specific nutrition and exercise requirements and how travel may impact those.

Pass this along to a friend who's about to come home from a trip and trippin' about how to bounce back!

*Genetic Garden can provide wholesale prices on supplements through its online dispensary. Discounts for anyone who inquires, while largest savings for those who join Genetic Garden.

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