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Personalized nutrition plan to accomplish your health goals

Tailored Plans

Non-diet approach suited for your specific body metabolism


Exercise regiments tailored to your energetic needs


Beat genetic predispositions for vitamin deficiencies

Become a Member!

Add a monthly membership ($50/mo) to any package above to continue receiving tailored and personalized recommendations that

adapt to your ongoing needs!

  • 3 monthly face-to-face sessions

  • Unlimited messaging

  • Membership forum

  • Weekly recipes and exercises

A la carte options

For anyone who wants to learn more about:

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise physiology

  • Weight management

  • Sports nutrition

  • Preventative health care (Diabetes, hypertension, brain-related degenerative disorders, etc.)

  • Pregnancy (pre- and postnatal and infant nutrition)

  • Skin concerns

  • Age-related issues (bone density, flexibility, eye sight, muscle maintenance)

  • Without having your DNA tested!

Blood Tests

Genetic Garden can order a blood test without a prescription from your doctor if you are interested in one or multiple topics:

  • Lipids

  • Vitamin deficiencies

  • Hormones (thyroid, adrenal, testosterone, estrogen, etc.)

  • Mineral levels

  • Blood glucose levels

  • Metabolism markers

  • Inflammatory markers

  • Cardiovascular health

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